Contigo specialises in the development and production of high-quality and functionally innovative thermo-cups and drinking bottles. The products are stylish but flexible, sleek but robust - a perfect combination of performance and elegance.

It is no coincidence that Contigo thermos cups and water bottles play an important role in our everyday life. Whether as a lifestyle accessory for coffee to go or as a companion when you are out and about, Contigo thermo cups are leak-proof, innovative and environmentally conscious.

Most Contigo products are equipped with an autoseal or autospout sealing lid and can be intuitively and safely opened with one hand and closed in a leak-proof manner. The safe coffee mug for the workplace or in the workshop.

They don’t just look good

Contigo thermo cups and drinking bottles are robust, durable and the ideal companion for outdoor activities. A must-have for every camper, hiking enthusiast and nature lover.

Contigo is extremely popular in sports and as a casual drinking bottle. All Contigo drinking bottles are BPA-free and, thanks to the intuitive and leak-proof closure systems, far superior to conventional drinking bottles.

Among the drinking bottles for children, the Contigo Swish is one of the most popular drinking bottles on the market. Thanks to its outstanding ergonomic shape and guaranteed exemption of harmful substances, it is the ideal companion for young and old (rated “very good” by Öko-Test, issue 4/2019).

Contigo for everybody

With the Contigo product range, every tradesman, whether a specialist workshop, reseller or wholesaler, can offer his customers an attractive product with a high sales potential. Whether as a commercial product, customer gift or for internal use in the company, Contigo offers you a wide range of possibilities.

All Contigo products can be ordered individualised with your own logo or imprint even in small series.

For dealer enquiries and requests for customisation options, simply use the contact form.