The company, founded in France in 1949, launched the world's first refillable gas cylinder system in the same year under the name "bidon bleu". Campingaz revolutionised the mobile use of gas appliances in the leisure sector, whether camping, on the beach or in the mountains.

Since 1996 Campingaz has belonged to Coleman Company Inc. and its parent company Newell Brands. In addition to the well-known gas cookers, gas grills and gas lamps, Campingaz now offers a wide range of high-quality outdoor products such as coolers, air beds and camping toilets.

Today, the Campingaz brand stands for functional, user-friendly and high-quality outdoor products.


HybridSupply is the official and authorized distributor for Campingaz products.


Grills Grills Gas grills are the resource-saving, powerful and flexible alternative to conventional charcoal or electric grills. Open
Gas Cookers Gas Cookers Gas cookers are operated with liquid gas cartridges (often butane, propane or a mixture of both gases) or conventional gas cylinders. The heat generated during the combustion of the gas can be used, for example, to heat food or boil water. Open