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Core business

HybridSupply is a full-range supplier in the LPG-/ CNG field supplying over 6,000 products around the world working with the majority of all well-known manufacturers – more than 70 globally – on an official and partly-exclusive basis.

We also utilise well-developed and effective logistics structures to operate as a drop-shipping supplier for several renowned wholesalers throughout Europe.

They dispatch over 2,000 shipments a month and supply to more than 3,000 active customers worldwide.

HybridSupply also has its own broad portfolio of fuel gas measurement systems as per ECE R115 for LPG retrofit systems according to the latest emission standards.

Product development

We develop and optimize industry-specific products which we produce and sell exclusively. Our product range includes an assortment of over 100 products, which are distributed under the brand name of Drehmeister.

Our in-house development of a valve protection additive incl. dosing system started in 2008. It was launched under the brand name V-LUBE in 2009 and became a seperate company (V-LUBE GmbH) in 2010.

V-LUBE Valve Saver protects gas-powered vehicles with a protective film against potential valve damage. The wear behavior of the valves and valve seats is reduced to a minimum. The valve wear remains below the usual tolerances in gas operation, thanks to the V-LUBE Valve Saver.

Numerous efficacy tests and annual TÜV quality control tests confirm the high quality of the product and makes V-LUBE Valve Saver one of the leading valve protection additives in the world.


Since 2012, HybridSupply has also been producing diverse mechanical components along with its partner organisations per customer specifications for both companies that are long-standing and new to the industry (contract manufacturing according to design or samples).

Our wide range includes manufacturing of precision parts with CNC machines and in forging, casting and punching process. We are able to process brass, bronze, copper, machining steel, stainless steel, aluminum and zinc alloys. We manufacture plastic parts, e.g., made of PA, PE and PP, in injection molding process.

White label product line

HybridSupply offers a wide range of white label products that can be individually customized according to customer requirement: from filling pipes to safety multi-valves and gas tanks to gas injection control units; We work together with leading manufacturers to realize your white label products.

Advertising and Marketing consulting

HybridSupply advises the industry experts and newcomers in the field of service and product optimization, sales organization and marketing in the alternative fuel market (LPG/CNG).

From print media, promotional gifts and right up to internet presentation, HybridSupply offers its customers a wide portfolio of advertising and marketing support, all from a single source.

Product training

We run a series of technical product training workshops for mechanics to improve their technical skills focused on LPG/CNG retrofit systems. We also run consulting training workshops for sales employees to improve their product knowledge and sales skills. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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