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Fill up with Alugas Travel Mate camping gas flexibly at any LPG filling station

Traveling with a motorhome, camper van or caravan lives on flexibility and freedom.

While water can be refilled quickly on the road and electricity can be used via batteries or solar cells, with gas it’s usually a case of playing poker or bunkering up. Either you hope that the gas bottle you started with will last, or you take a second gas bottle with you as a precaution. Both solutions are far from ideal.

How ingenious would it be if gas cylinders could be refilled at the nearest LPG filling station instead of having to be exchanged? This plus in freedom and flexibility is offered by the permanently installed gas tank from Alugas.

Simply refuel instead of time-consuming exchange with the refillable gas bottle

The Alugas Travel Mate is the gas tank for motorhomes, campervans and caravans that can be safely retrofitted by workshops in a short time. The highlight of the refillable gas bottle: Campers can leave the Europe-wide complex exchange system of heavy gas bottles and refuel LPG freely and flexibly at any gas station. Thus they save not only the ways to the hardware store, but win above all liberty and flexibility. At any fill level, the bottle can simply be refilled. This means that before the campers want to be self-sufficient on the road, the gas tank is filled up again. This puts an end to worrying about the remaining gas and the space-consuming reserve bottle.

The gas tank in the camper offers many other advantages

The campers save money because they can fill up where the gas is particularly cheap. The campers save important kilos, because the aluminum gas bottle is up to 60% lighter than a conventional steel bottle. Back-friendly camping and more leeway in the maximum load are the pleasant consequences. In addition, campers can design their motorhome according to their personal preferences: Space-saving installation in the existing gas locker is possible, as is the installation of an external filling valve.

You see: As a camper, you can enjoy even more freedom and flexibility thanks to the many advantages of the Travel Mate refillable gas bottle from Alugas. As a workshop, you can offer your customers a valuable service and profitably stand out from the crowd.

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