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ECE R115

This is where you will find everything you need to know about ECE R115 and the documentation scope of an ECE R115 LPG system.

LPG systems with R115 Approval

The switch from the conventional approval procedure with individual emissions reports and TÜV approval to certification according to ECE R115 is causing uncertainty among many LPG converters and end customers.

Questions such as “Which vehicles can still be retrofitted?”, “How can this be checked independently?”, “Which documents do I have to present to the retrofit customer?” and “Which documents does my supplier send me” usually remain unanswered.

The amount of documentation supplied by importers and wholesalers is inconsistent and varies widely. Sometimes only “very slim” documentation is provided and sometimes the converter is overwhelmed by it. However, it is crucial that the documents are put together correctly so that they do not raise any questions with the retrofitter, the end customer or the Admission Board.

Documentation Scope of the Delivered ECE R115

After consultation with the technical supervisory associations, we have prepared a brief summary to give you an overview of the scope of documentation for the ECE R115 system supplied.

  1. Excerpt of the ECE R115 homologation where you can find relevant information such as electronic control unit, gas injection nozzles and reducer.
  2. Excerpt of the list of components from which you can at least find the tank and multivalve.
  3. Excerpt of the vehicle list in which your vehicle is explicitly listed (the complete vehicle list is not necessary).
  4. Overview with details of changes for the registration office for the proper entry of the gas system in the vehicle documents. Issued by the dealer/importer on the basis of the present ECE R115 homologation.
  5. Specific installation instructions for the R115 family homologation type vehicle.
  6. General instructions for the installation of tank, multivalve and other components.
  7. Service booklet incl. operating instructions for the end customer.
  8. Installation badge

R115 Search

We have prepared an overview of all vehicles that can be covered by our ECE R115 homologations so that you can process retrofit enquiries quickly and easily.

Application for R115 Socumentation

The application for an ECE R115 documentation for your LPG system follows the same principle as the application for individual exhaust gas confirmations. You can access the application form here.

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