Is your gas pressure regulator approaching the end of its 10-year replacement period? And you are already looking for a replacement. You will come across the Caramatic series from GOK with crash sensor. You wonder whether you can also use it to replace products from other manufacturers - for example, the original series (up to model year 2018/2019) of Mono- or DuoControl CS from Truma for gas supply while driving.

No matter what technical system is involved, one thing is usually the same: if you change the manufacturer of a component, this usually involves major changes to the system itself. Installation dimensions do not match or the connections are different. A complex and cost-intensive conversion can be the result.

Elaborate conversion?

Is this the same with regard to liquid gas systems in mobile homes and caravans? Do I have to carry out extensive conversion work on the entire system if I am considering replacing the Truma DuoControl CS with the GOK Caramatic DriveTwo, for example?

No, on the contrary: If the DVGW Code of Practice G 607 stipulates that the gas pressure regulator must be replaced after ten years, you can replace the Truma MonoControl CS or DuoControl CS one to one with the GOK Caramatic DriveOne or DriveTwo.

No additional costs thanks to Caramatic

Why is that possible? It's quite simple: The current Caramatic series from GOK is identical in construction to the original (up to model year 2018/2019), silver-coloured series of Truma Mono- and DuoControl CS.

This means that if you wish to replace Mono- or DuoControl CS from Truma with DriveOne or DriveTwo from GOK, this can be done without any additional effort; installation dimensions and connections are identical. This one-to-one replacement without additional effort and at no extra cost is only possible when changing to the Caramatic series from GOK. Since the new Mono- or DuoControl CS series, which is now produced by Truma, has a different design, an additional piece of pipe must be laid and new mounting points drilled in the gas box when changing over.

Also worth knowing for users of a remote display or Eis-Ex controller heater when changing to the Caramatic series: After replacing Mono- or DuoControl CS from Truma with DriveOne or DriveTwo from GOK, simply reconnect the remote display or Eis-Ex. Again, no cost-intensive conversion or even the purchase of new components is necessary.

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