GOK Hose Rupture Protection

1 gas cylinder system – Caramatic DriveOne

Product Description

Safety gas pressure control system for operating single-cylinder systems in caravans and motor caravans while driving.

Consisting of:

  • Low pressure regulator with overpressure safety device S2SR (ÜDS)
  • mechanical crash sensor
  • Testing equipment



Heating while driving by means of an integrated mechanical crash sensor, which shuts off the gas passage in the event of an accident with a deceleration of 3.5 g ± 0.5 g directly acting on the release element; this corresponds to an impact speed of approx. 15 to 20 km/h on a solid obstacle with an average vehicle weight


Europe-wide use through the use of country-specific high-pressure hose lines – Caramatic ConnectDrive (not included)


Test device for leak testing of the liquid gas system without dismantling the pressure regulating device


suitable for the connection of an Eis-Ex


Version with outlet connection RVS 10 / 8 is equipped as standard with a transition piece for connection to 8 mm pipes

Technical data


Maximum permissible pressure: PS 16 bar


EC type examination according to GAR

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