Product description

The PUEBLO IV 200 SGR case gas grill is a powerful, versatile 4-in-1 cooking appliance.

Parallel to the use of the 53 x 29 cm large grill surface, three cooking plates and a spit are available. In addition, the grill grate can also be used for gratinating, as the burner simultaneously provides top heat for grilling or gratinating. The painted steel lid functions as a wind screen when opened.

Due to the heat radiation from above, fat and marinades drip off and do not burn. An additional fat tray attached to the grill rack is also dishwasher safe.

All parts of the PUEBLO IV 200 SGR can be stored completely in and on the housing. The compact design and the robust carrying handle allow an easy and safe transport.


Not suitable for indoor use

Scope of Delivery

  • 80 cm gas hose
  • Gas regulator
  • Rotary spit

Technical data

Functions Cook, grill, spit roast, gratinate
Piezo ignition No, manual ignition
Grill Surface
Surface 1,572 cm² (approx. 53 x 29 cm)
Rotary spit system Without engine
Type Grate
Material (grill surface) Chrome-plated steel
Material (lid) Lacquered steel
Measurements & Weight
Measurements L x W x H
Open 73 x 54 x 108 cm
Closed 65 x 40 x 17 cm
Height (closed) 17 cm
Weight 9 kg
Type 1 steel pipe burner
Power 5,200 W
Gas consumption 378 g/h
Boiling time for 1 L water approx. 14 min
Burn duration (R904) 5 hrs
Burn duration (R907) 7 hrs 40 min
Burn duration (5 kg gas bottle) 14 hrs

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