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Convenient and uncomplicated refuelling throughout Europe with the DREHMEISTER adapter set.

New in our Product Range!

Protect your gas regulators and consumer devices from contamination and aerosols.

Inlet W21.8 x 1/14LH
Outlet G. 12 (KLF)
Gas Type LPG (propane / butane)
Operating pressure up to 30.4 bar
Exchangeable filter cartridge made of high-quality borosilicate micro glass fibre

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CAMPKO Refillable Gas Cylinders

according to ECE 67 R

  • ECE 67 R homologation, no 10 year test period by the TÜV
  • Filling and extraction via separate connections
  • Additional fixing points at the base of the cylinder
  • Removable cylinder collar
  • Ideal for fixed mounting in mobilehome or caravan
  • Available with multivalve or 4-hole valve


4 Hole Valve

Gross Filling Weight 30.00 litres
Net Filling Weight (80%) 24.00 litres
Tare Weight 14.00 kg
Height 585 mm
Height (without collar) 530 mm
Diameter 300 mm
80% Overfill Stop Protection Valve Included
Safety Valve 27 bar Pressure relief valve
Inlet 1/2 “
Outlet G.12 (KLF)
W21,8 x 1/14 LH
Level Indicator Available
Remote Indicator Retrofitting Possible
Inspection Interval None, no usage restriction

Vapour Cylindrical Tanks

Vapour cylindrical tanks can be used flexibly. They can be mounted inside the vehicle/gas box and under the vehicle. Thanks to their ECE 67 R homologation, the 10 year test period is not required.

We offer a wide range of different cylindrical tanks in diameters from 200 to 400 mm and lengths from 548 to 1298 mm. This allows capacities between 16 – 121 litres.

4-hole vapour cylindrical tank 105° Mounting angle

Multivalve vapour cylindrical tanks 30° Mounting angle

You may choose between the traditional 4-hole version or the new economical multivalve technology.

All vapour cylindrical tanks feature a particularly robust corrosion and scratch-resistant coating.

Refillable Composite Gas Cylinders

The light and safe alternative

The compound known as composite meets all the required standards used in the automotive industry for natural gas tanks (CNG).


Now also available in 12.7 and 18.2 litres.

Safety First!

Each delivered composite gas cylinder is filled with compressed air and tested for leaks before shipping. Before filling the cylinder with LPG for the first time, the compressed air must be released.

Composite 24.50 L Multivalve Composite 24.50 L 80% OPD Valve
Gross Filling Weight 24.50 litres 24.50 litres
Net Filling Weight (80%) 19.52 litres 19.52 litres
Tare Weight 6.52 kg 5.70 kg
Height 583 mm 583 mm
Height (without collar) Collar not removeable Collar not removeable
Diameter 310 mm 310 mm
80% Overfill protection valve Included Included
Safety valve 27 bar Pressure relief valve 27 bar Pressure relief valve
Inlet 1/2 “ G.5 and G.12
Outlet G.12 (KLF)
W21,8 x 1/14 LH
G.12 (KLF)
W21,8 x 1/14 LH
Level indicator available not available
Remote indicator Retrofitting possible not possible
Inspection interval 10 year inspection interval 10 year inspection interval

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