We would like inform you, that in some case we have had problems about the incompatibility between Fw and ECU for direct injection system.

Landi Renzos technical service advises against the use of the firmware “#14016” for DI108 and AEB3000 ECU (now obscured by the Landi Renzo site) and the firmware AEB3000 # 15.0 (under controlled distribution).

Waiting for a new firmware, we suggest using firmware # 14014 for all ECUs and only for the DI60 ECU indifferently the firmware DI60 # 14014 or DI60 # 14016.

ECU Firmware (OK) Firmware (KO)
A.E.B. 3000 OMEGAS Direct AEB3000#14014 AEB3000#14016
DI108 OMEGAS Direct 1.0 DI108#14014 DI108#14016
DI60 OMEGAS Direct 3.0 DI60#14014