Vapour gas tanks are filled with liquid gas (LPG, propane/butane mixture) in the same way as autogas tanks. In contrast to autogas tanks or propellant gas tanks, which are used, to power forklift trucks, the gas in vapour gas tanks is extracted during the gas phase. The gaseously extracted gas is used for combustion purposes, for heating, cooking or cooling in leisure vehicles (motorhomes, caravans, etc.). Vapour gas tanks are also used in the industrial sector, for example in commercial vehicles for operating gas grills or deep fryers. Furthermore, vapour gas tanks are also used in road construction.

Vapour gas tanks can be mounted diversely in the vehicle interior/gas box as well as under the vehicle. In contrast to conventional gas cylinders, vapour gas tanks do not require a 10-year test period thanks to ECE 67 R homologation.

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