Thetford offers a wide range of products for camping needs, from portable toilets and sanitary liquid for camping toilets to refrigerators and cooking equipment.

Thetford’s toilet chemicals or sanitation additives are known for their performance and help reduce unpleasant odours and keep the toilet hygienic.

Thetford portable toilets offer a convenient and practical solution when sanitation facilities are not available. The range includes portable toilets from the Porta Potti series, cassette toilets, and builtin toilets as a toilet solution for caravans and motorhomes. The latter two have a removable holding tank. Built-in toilets are connected to the vehicle’s central water tank.

Thetford refrigerators are known for their energy-efficient performance and spacious interior, available as absorber and 12V refrigerator.

Thetford offers cooking appliances such as hobs, stoves and ovens that are easy to use and clean. The cooking appliance range is completed with Series 30 and Series Agent sinks.

All Thetford products are characterized by consistently high quality and reliability.