The gas (LPG) generators of the Italian accessory manufacturer Teleco Telair make campers and your motorhomes independent of stationary power supplies and, in contrast to photovoltaic modules, provide reliable energy in all weathers.

The power generator achieves more than twice the charging capacity of conventional 100 W solar panels and is also suitable for charging LiFePo4 lithium batteries. The compact gas (LPG) generator, weighing only 19 kilograms, is mounted under the floor of the motorhome. The gas is fed in via the existing gas supply, regardless of whether it is a gas bottle from the DIY store, a CAMPKO gas tank bottle or vapour gas tanks. This saves you an additional tank compared to diesel or petrol generators. With the EcoEnergy gas generator you achieve a higher degree of self-sufficiency and range – forced breaks to recharge the battery are a thing of the past.

Very Powerful

A charger with a charge capacity more than twice that of a fuel cell or 100 W solar panel.

Fully Automated

The generator switches on when the battery is running low (11.9 V) and switches off again when the battery is full (14.5 V). In addition, there is also the option of manual intervention using the control panel supplied, which can be mounted in the vehicle cockpit.


Thanks to the thick sound insulation, the noise propagation is extremely low [only 51 dBA (7 metres)] and hardly audible. Therefore, it is also ideally suited for low-disturbance use on camping sites.

Practical and Environmentally Friendly

The generator is mounted underfloor on the motorhome and simply connected to the existing gas supply.

The generators are available in two power versions. The models TG480 and TG600. These achieve an hourly output of 20 and 25 A/h (480 A and 600 A in 24 hours). The MEF version is designed for travelling at altitudes of over 2,300 metres.

Technical features EcoEnergy TG 480 EcoEnergy TG 480 MEF EcoEnergy TG 600 MEF
Automatic operation Start 11.9 V, Stop 14.5 V Start 11.9 V, Stop 14.5 V Start 11.9 V, Stop 14.5 V
Working temperature with propane gas +50°C ÷ -25°C +50°C ÷ -25°C +50°C ÷ -25°C
Rated current A/h 20 A/h (480 A/24h) 20 A/h (480 A/24h) 25 A/h (480 A/24h)
Gas Consumption/Hour 270 g/h 270 g/h 290 g/h
Lube oil consumption 1 lt/115 h 1 lt/115 h 1 lt/115 h
LpA 7 m noise level 51 dBA 51 dBA 52 dBA
Weight 19 Kg 19 Kg 19 Kg
Dimensions without brackets 565x380x250 mm 565x380x250 mm 565x380x250 mm
Recommended batteries 160 ÷ 300 Ah 160 ÷ 300 Ah 160 ÷ 300 Ah
Supplied current can be selected: fixed or variable - MEF MEF
High altitude operation up to 2300 mt - MEF MEF
Connection cable with control unit 5 mt 5 mt 5 mt

Further technical information and other products of the TELECO Group can be found in our download area.

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