The MaxxFan Deluxe can be used with the outer roof open for ventilation.

When the roof bonnet is closed, the MaxxFan Deluxe functions purely as a roof fan. The patented, shockproof and UV-resistant roof cover protects against rain when the cover is open and also while driving.

The MaxxFan is therefore a cost-effective alternative for campers compared to roof air conditioners in caravans or motorhomes. Thanks to the transparent bonnet, no daylight is lost.

The electronic thermostat makes it possible to select the desired temperature in the motorhome.

The MaxxFan Deluxe is a technically advanced roof cover with an integrated fan, a 12 V ball bearing motor, two opening levers, a mosquito net, a remote and a manual control, as well as a manual operation of the outer cover in case of a power failure.


Installation dimensions

40 x 40 cm


Inner frame

46 x 46 cm


Outer dimensions

Length: 58.5 cm
Width: 41.7 cm
Height: 12.7 cm (23.7 cm opened)


Built-in rain protection for the interior of the motorhome


Power consumption

12 V 0.2 A up to 2.3 A (at 80% speed)



12 V ball bearing motor


10 blower levels


Remote or manual control possible


Air volume (max.)

26 m³ per minute


Fan diameter

30 cm



6 kg


Suitable for roof thickness

29 to 80 mm

MaxxFan Deluxe roof lights with ventilator are available in three different colours.

Separate shades are available both with and without LED lighting.

For a safe and reliable installation use Dekalin.