LPG-FIT thermoplastic hose is a precisely fitting alternative to LPG filling hoses made of rubber.

Instead of pre-cut filling hoses with pressed fittings, we deliver LPG-FIT filling hoses as meter ware (maximum 200 meter roll) with separate fitting set. This allows you to react flexibly depending on the installation situation and enables a precisely fitting installation of the LPG hose. In addition, by saving on various pre-assembled gas hoses, you reduce your stock on a long-term basis and at the same time increase your available range.

Inner core Nylon (Polyamide 6)
Bond chemically bonded inner core and reinforcement
Outer cover nylon (polyamide 6), black
Inner diameter 9.7 mm
Outer diameter 13.7 mm
Bending radius 100 mm
Weight 75 gr/m
Burst pressure 370 Bar
Working pressure 90 Bar
Working temperature -40°C to +125C



LPG filling hoses

LPG filling hoses serve as refuelling line for liquid gas between the external refuelling (filler neck, refuelling nozzle, filling valve) and the 4-hole LPG tank, vapour gas tank, gas bottles with 80% fill stop or other refillable LPG (propane/butane) cylinders.

The hose, homologated according to ECE 67 R standard, is either pre-assembled rubber hose available in lengths from 0.25 to 3.00 metres (one size every 0.25 metres) The 1/2″ union nut connections seal conically and are available in both straight and 90° angled versions.

It also exists as a cut-to-size flexible hose with a maximum roll length of 200 metres. Matching fitting sets are available in both straight and 90° angled versions.

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