The GOK Caramatic Connect Clean Gas Filter protects gas regulators as well as refrigerators, heaters, cookers or other consumer appliances from contamination and aerosols in campers, caravans or motorhomes.

How does contamination of the gas occur?

Liquid gas is a co-product of crude oil production. During this process, residual substances also remain in the form of aerosols. Depending on the quality and supplier, these remain as liquid particles in the LPG (propane/butane mixture) and can settle in the gas pressure regulator, pipes or consumer equipment. In the long term, this can lead to a drop in performance or even to the total loss of the gas pressure regulator or the consumer appliances.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pre-determine the gas quality. One indicator is the colour of the cooking flame. This should be deep blue – a yellowish colour often indicates that the gas is not clean.

The Caramatic Connect Clean gas filter can be used with all commercially available wall-mounted pressure regulators and automatic change-over valves, for example from GOK or Truma.

Safety Instructions

  • Only open the gas filter when the system is depressurised (-> close gas cylinder valve)
  • Always wear protective gloves for filter inserts that have already been in use
  • Check filter cup for residues and clean if necessary
  • Finally, carry out the leak test using a leak detection spray

Technical Data

Inlet AG M20 x 1.5 female thread
Output M20 x 1.5 ÜM external thread
Weight 508 grams
Dimensions length x height: 97 mm x 101 mm
Filter change depending on contamination
Gas LPG (propane/butane)
Material housing aluminium
Maximum permissible pressure PS 25 bar