The ultrasonic-based level indicators from the German manufacturer Gaslock reliably display the fill level of all standard 5 kg, 11 kg or 33 kg gas cylinders in seconds.

All GASLEVEL® products are manufactured in modern production facilities in Germany, Iserlohn. The devices comply with the legal regulations (EU Directive EMC 2004/108/EC) and are therefore also suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (EX * II 3 G Ex nA IIA T3) in industry. This is particularly important for commercial and industrial customers who can use GASLEVEL® products in particularly sensitive working areas.

GASLEVEL® products are suitable for measuring gas cylinder levels in the handcraft sector (e.g. roofers), in gastronomy (e.g. outdoor radiant heaters), in private hobby areas (e.g. barbecues, camping), on boats and in the camping industry (e.g. caravans and motor homes).

Currently three different GASLEVEL® level indicators are available.


The GASLEVEL® Classic level indicator is simply attached to the gas bottle with its magnetic back, switched on and moved down until the indicator changes from red to green and the liquid gas filled area is reached. The gas level indicator works even with aluminium gas bottles when it is manually pressed against the bottle.

Just 6.5 cm high, 3 cm wide and 1.6 cm thick, the device is very practical and uses ultrasonic. Within seconds it measures the level of gas remaining in 5 kg, 11 kg and 33 kg propane gas cylinders. The GASLEVEL® Classic has a magnetic back, so you simply place it up against the gas cylinder and move it downwards until the indicator changes from red to green – when it reaches the area filled with liquid gas. The device even works with aluminum gas cylinders if it is pressed against the cylinder manually.

GASLEVEL® CLASSIC Gas Level Indicator with External Display

GASLEVEL® indicator with external display is specially designed to meet the needs of campers and caravan enthusiasts. The external reserve display for gas cylinders looks exactly the same as its “big brother”, GASLEVEL® Classic. However, the smaller device measuring 6.5 cm high, 3 cm wide and 1.6 cm thick is also fitted with a 3-metre cable which connects it to a display, as well as possibility to extend the cable to 8 or 13 metres.

Two neodym magnets in the level sensor allow it to be placed randomly on the attached metal gas cylinder, where it remains fixed in place. The display with the LED indicator is mounted in any desired position for good visibility and is connected to the level sensor by means of the cable. While the sensor is up against the gas-filled section of the cylinder, a gas cylinder with a green LED light is shown on the display. As soon as the sensor reaches the empty area, the display switches to red.

The product can also be used like the GASLEVEL® Classic as a level indicator with the sensor directly up against the gas cylinder. GASLEVEL® with external display therefore combines two functions in one product.

GASLEVEL® Stick Gas Level Indicator

The GASLEVEL® Stick is a gas level indicator which looks something like a thick pen.

Just 4.5 inches high and 0.6 inches wide, the device is very practical and uses modern ultrasound sensors. It measures the fill level of propane gas cylinders within a few seconds. GASLEVEL® Stick is simply held vertically with its end against the gas cylinder and moved downwards until the indicator lamp changes from red to green, showing the area which still contains gas.