For many campers, it is important that, in addition to an internal gas supply within the vehicle, it is also possible to use gas externally. Whether this is needed for the grill in summer or for the radiator in winter camping. We offer a practical hose system so that the existing gas system of the motorhome or caravan can also be used for consumables outside the leisure vehicle.

The winter-proof medium pressure hoses from CAMPKO and GOK offer the possibility of using the existing gas supply and make the use of additional gas cylinders unnecessary.

The two connection options

1. Direct connection to the gas regulating station

  • For vapour gas tanks with an installation position of 105°
  • An “emergency plug”, which is located directly behind the diaphragm of the gas regulator, has a plug-in coupling valve for connecting the gas hose.

The GOK regulator systems are available in a 30 mbar and a 50 mbar version.

2. Connection to the gas plug

The gas plug, which is installed in the chassis of the vehicle, offers in many cases, in addition to the gas connection, a water connection for the external supply of fresh water. The gas socket is supplied via a copper or steel pipe from the gas regulator or from a gas distribution block.