Whether with a motorhome in Scandinavia or with a tent in Spain, all campers have the same problem sooner or later - the "German gas regulator" does not fit the gas bottles in the holiday destination. Since a "Jumbo Clip-On" valve is standard in many European countries, the domestic gas regulators do not fit. Furthermore, the outlet connections also differ. In many countries, gas hoses are attached with a clamp instead of screw connections.

This means that neither the gas regulator nor the consumer appliances such as the gas barbecue can be connected.

The remedy is an inconspicuous but extremely useful clip-on adapter. This is simply clipped onto the foreign gas cylinder so that you can finally use the domestic gas regulator with G.12 – W21.8 x 1/14 LH.

Input Clip-On G.56 - 35 mm
Output KLF small cylinder connection, description according to EN15202: G.12 - W21.8 x 1/14 LH
Outlet pressure unreduced - a pressure regulator must be used
Approval EN15202

The adapter can be used with gas cylinders from the following countries, among others: Spain, France, Ireland, Portugal, England, Cyprus, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.