From now on we offer you a refillable gas cylinder with an 80% filling stop valve.

The gas cylinder is ideal for a fixed installation in leisure vehicles (caravan, camper, motorhome, etc.). In addition to the usual mounting with a gas cylinder holder, the prefitted mounting feet offer an additional option for stationary installation. Depending on the circumstances in the vehicle, the gas cylinder can be connected directly to the chassis using the mounting feet.

  • Automatic 80 % filling stop & refuelling at any time
  • No 10 year inspection period – ECE 67R 01 homologation
  • Mounting feet & removable collar
Homologation ECE 67 R
Tare Weight 16.7 kg
Height incl. collar 585 mm
Height excl. collar 530 mm
Diameter 300 mm


Protect your gas regulators and appliances from gas pollution and use a gas filter.

The valve selection of the gas cylinder is a so-called 4-hole technique. There are four holes in the gas cylinder itself, into which an extraction valve, a 80% filling stop valve, a level indicator and a 27 bar pressure relief valve are embedded.

1. Extraction Valve

The gaseous liquid gas (propane/butane mixture) is extracted from the gas cylinder through the extraction valve. The gas supply is controlled via the handwheel.

The extraction valve allows the connection of gas regulators, high-pressure hoses and filters with G.5 and G.12 connections.

According to EN15252 G.5 = W21,8 x 1/14 LH (without seal)

Includes adapter to:

According to EN15252 G.12 = W21,8 x 1/14 LH (with seal)

2. 80% Filling Stop Valve

The 80% filling stop valve prevents overfilling of the gas cylinder by automatically stopping the refuelling process at a filling level of max. 80% (24.00 litres).

Refuelling can be carried out directly on the cylinder using a direct refuelling adapter and the DREHMEISTER adapter set. In addition, it is also possible to install a so-called remote refuelling system with filling hose and filling valve.

3. Level Indicator

The mechanical level indicator measures the filling level of the gas cylinder and indicates it on the fuel gauge.

Optionally it is possible to retrofit a Bluetooth level sensor from MOPEKA.

4. Safety Valve

The safety valve, also known as the pressure relief valve, automatically opens as soon as the pressure of 27 bars is measured inside the gas cylinder and releases the gas from the cylinder in a controlled manner.

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