The Valtek Type 34 injector has been removed from Valteks product range. Following the goal of optimising the technological processes and design, the old model will be replaced by the new Type 39, a further development of Type 34.

Type 34 Injector Rail
Type 34 4-Cylinder Diagram

While maintaining the same performance as the Type 34, improved in design and treatment, the Type 39 is a high-speed injector for gaseous fuel with a maximum working pressure of 0.45 MPa. It is available with built-in AMP / Delphi Super-seal connection, in different versions with 2, 3 and 4 cylinders. With the Gas INLET option for both sides of the housing with a flexible hose connection of 11 mm and 12 mm diameter.

Type 39 Injector Rail
Type 39 4-Cylinder Diagram


  • Aluminium housing with a very stable and compact design
  • Fast injection times (opening and closing)
  • Available in both the standard version (for medium-sized engines) and the BFC version (for larger engines)
  • Optionally equipped with temperature sensor

Technical Data

Material Black anodised aluminium housing, brass inlet available
Operating temperature -40 °C to +120 °C
Cycle time Standard: 2.8 ms; BFC: 3.0 ms (3 Ohm at 2 bar)