Due to the introduction of new reducers, such as Nordic XP and AT13 XP reducers, the production of the reducer Antartic Super has stopped due to some technical upgrades on the production lines. These new products now cover the complete LPG reducer range as shown on the data sheet below.

Comparision of ARTIC Reducers

Nordic XP and AT13 XP reducers are equipped with the Dynamic Pressure Compensation, consisting in a double membrane system, that allows to obtain an increase of the differential pressure, proportional to the increase of MAP pressure. This system can support engines with higher power, giving a higher outlet pressure able to support the good working of the injectors.


Nordic XP

The Nordic XP reducer is suitable for sequential engines up to 180 kW (244 HP).



The AT13 XP reducer is suitable for more powerful sequential engines, up to 275 kW (373 HP).