Tomasetto AT02 Multivalve

Manufacturer: Tomasetto Achille
Origin: Italy

Product description

Tomasetto AT02 multivalves are certified in accordance with European Regulation ECE 67R-01.

Each AT02 multivalve is equipped with the following safety functions.

  • Pressure relief valve (PRV)
  • Pressure relief device (PRD)
  • Solenoid valve
  • 80% filling limiter
  • Non-return valve
  • mechanical service valve
  • mechanical level sensor

Several tests performed by the most prominent tank manufacturers were conducted successfully and confirmed that Tomasetto AT02 safety devices (PRD and PRV) provide the highest flow protection rates, which makes the multivalve a leading product in its market.

All Tomasetto multivalves are 100% tested and calibrated under high-tech procedures and processes. In accordance with the latest European Regulation ECE 67R-01 and R10.

An electronic level sensor is available upon request.

Available versions

Tomasetto AT09 reducers are available in four versions.


Standard Multivalve

6mm sampling connection with standard flow rate


Extra Multivalve

8mm increased flow port – for more powerful engines

The Tomasetto AT02 LPG Multivalve is available for mounting at 0°, 30°, and 90° on cylindrical tanks, 30° and 37° on internal toroidal tanks and 0° for external toroidal tanks. Other versions for custom tanks are available on request.

The AT02 multivalve is supplied with a connection cable for the solenoid coil, a pre-assembled frame for the level sensor and mounting accessories.

The standard scope of delivery does not include the filling nozzle. The filling nozzle can be optionally included in any order.


Version Standard multivalve Extra multivalve
Material Brass (hot forged) Brass (hot forged)
Weight 0.9 kg 0.9 kg
PRV setting 2.7 MPa (27 bar) ** 2.7 MPa (27 bar) **
120 ± 10 °C 120 ± 10 °C
PRV flow rate * 23.4 Nm³/min 23.4 Nm³/min
PRD flow rate * 4.4 Nm³/min 4.4 Nm³/min
Filling speed 18 lt/min @ 10 bar 18 lt/min @ 10 bar
Inlet connection 1/4 gas 1/4 gas
Outlet connection M10x1 / pipe ø 6 mm M12x1 / pipe ø 8 mm
Coil power 11 W 17 W
Coil voltage 12V DC *** 12V DC ***
Coil connection Faston AMP superseal (for Toroidal external tank 0°) Faston AMP superseal (for Toroidal external tank 0°)
Solenoid valve Normal Piloted
Automatic 80% filling limiter Yes Yes
Excess flow valve Yes Yes
Outlet manual valve Yes Yes
Level sensor Level sensor holder (sensor on request) Level sensor holder (sensor on request)

* Values referred to the homologation tests
** Different settings available upon request
*** 24V DC upon request


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