STEP External Toroidal Tank

Manufacturer: Meridyen Alternative Fuel Systems
Origin: Turkey

Product description

The external toroidal tank is usually installed under the vehicle when retrofitting an LPG system. The latest version of the external toroidal tank has four welded fixing eyelets that serve as fixing points on the underbody of the vehicle.

In this tank version, the safety valve or the multivalve is installed horizontally at approx. 0° in the tank. The multivalve is protected against external contamination by an additional protective housing.

The latest generation of STEP external toroidal tanks is centrally closed, “centre-closed” and allows a larger filling volume and thus a higher range. Additional protection against dirt, corrosion and damage is provided by the newly developed protective housings for external toroidal tank. The tank protection housings are available for all STEP external toroidal tank from 600mm to 720mm diameter. The protective housings are assembled with preformed steel hangers, similar to those known from the first generation of external toroidal tank tanks.

Multivalves for external toroidal tank are marked with the abbreviation “H.” or “h.” plus a 3-digit number in the product designation. The abbreviation “H” stands for height and the 3-digit number for the height of the external toroidal tank in millimetres. The 0° ending sets the installation angle of the multivalve. Multivalves with an “H” for height and the 0° ending are intended for external toroidal tank.

All STEP Toroidal External Tanks are tested and certified according to the latest European safety and quality standards (ECE 67R-01).

All STEP LPG tanks are characterised by a particularly robust corrosion and scratch resistant coating. The weld seams are checked in the in-house quality inspection procedure by means of the radiographic inspection for welding defects and cracks.

Mounting instructions for LPG tanks according to ECE 67R-01

Each LPG tank must be fixed to the motor vehicle at permanent fixing points or be fixed by a container framework and tensioning straps.

When the vehicle is ready for operation, the LPG container shall not be less than 200 mm above the road surface. The LPG tank must be installed so that metallic contact occurs only at the permanent fixing points.


Product overview of all Toroidal external tanks
Manufacturer ID Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Volume (lt) Homologation
ST570U041 570 200 41 E20 67R-010882
ST570U046 570 220 46 E20 67R-010883
ST570U048 570 230 48 E20 67R-010884
ST570U051 570 240 51 E20 67R-010885
ST570U053 570 250 53 E20 67R-010886
ST570U058 570 270 58 E20 67R-010887
ST580U043 580 200 43 E20 67R-010882
ST580U047 580 220 47 E20 67R-010883
ST580U051 580 230 51 E20 67R-010884
ST580U053 580 240 53 E20 67R-010885
ST580U054 580 250 54 E20 67R-010886
ST580U059 580 270 59 E20 67R-010887
ST600U044 600 200 44 E20 67R-010882
ST600U050 600 220 50 E20 67R-010883
ST600U053 600 230 53 E20 67R-010884
ST600U055 600 240 55 E20 67R-010885
ST600U058 600 250 58 E20 67R-010886
ST600U063 600 270 63 E20 67R-010887
ST630U049 630 200 49 E20 67R-010882
ST630U055 630 220 55 E20 67R-010883
ST630U058 630 230 58 E20 67R-010884
ST630U062 630 240 62 E20 67R-010885
ST630U064 630 250 64 E20 67R-010886
ST630U071 630 270 71 E20 67R-010887
ST650U053 650 200 53 E20 67R-010888
ST650U060 650 220 60 E20 67R-010889
ST650U063 650 230 63 E20 67R-010890
ST650U066 650 240 66 E20 67R-010891
ST650U069 650 250 69 E20 67R-010892
ST650U076 650 270 76 E20 67R-010893
ST680U057 680 200 57 E20 67R-010888
ST680U064 680 220 64 E20 67R-010889
ST680U068 680 230 68 E20 67R-010890
ST680U071 680 240 71 E20 67R-010891
ST680U074 680 250 74 E20 67R-010892
ST680U083 680 270 83 E20 67R-010893
ST720U065 720 200 65 E20 67R-010888
ST720U072 720 220 72 E20 67R-010889
ST720U076 720 230 76 E20 67R-010890
ST720U081 720 240 81 E20 67R-010891
ST720U083 720 250 83 E20 67R-010892
ST720U093 720 270 93 E20 67R-010893
Overview of compatible multivalves for Toroidal external tanks
Certified by the Bonfire method.

Manufacturer Model Homologation
Tomasetto Achille AT02 E8 67R-013018
TARTARINI Auto T.04 E8 67R-013018
BRC Europa E13 67R-010004
Lovato MV305 E4 67R-0194004
EMER E67-01 E3 67R-0158416
CEODEUX E2 67R-0100013
OMB Saleri B1 E13 67R-010188
Romano E13 67R-0101134
ALDESA AL 25801 E7 67R-01306321
ALDESA AL 25701 E7 67R-01306321
BRAVO 2A E37 67R-010126
BIGAS MVF20 E8 67R-014561
BAYKAN MV E20 67R-010754
FEMA E37 67R-010047
OLGUNOTO 38.M100 E7 67R-012174-06
NLP A-300 E7 67R-0153110119
MIMGAS SGI80 E7 67R-0184223
PLATINCA PL95E E37 67R-010087
PROMANN L12900U E7 67R-01469511
VIKARS E37 67R-010023
ATIKER SAMANDIRA 01MV E7 67R-011031806
MILANO ED01 E8 67R-013988
OMB Saleri TYPE K E4 67R-010238
DYMCO DMV41X-XX-xxx E8 67R-015946
VIALLE Valve + Pump E4 67R-010223 + E4 67R-010031

Scope of delivery

  • Tank certificate
  • Fixing screws
  • Delivery in double corrugated cardboard box


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