STEP Cylindrical Tank

Manufacturer: Meridyen Alternative Fuel Systems
Origin: Turkey

Product description

LPG cylindrical tanks are the most versatile LPG tanks when retrofitting an LPG system. They can be mounted inside the vehicle, externally as external tanks or on the back of a pickup truck.

The cylindrical tank requires a mounting framework with steel straps for mounting. The mounting framework has pre-drilled mounting points that allow for a universal mounting.

The opening for the multi-valve can be turned and fixed in 0°, 30° or 90° position, depending on the condition of the vehicle. Multivalves for cylindrical tanks are available in the following variants.

All multivalves for cylindrical tanks are marked with the abbreviation “D.” or “d.” with a 3-digit number in the product description. The abbreviation “D” stands for diameter and the 3-digit number stands for the diameter of the cylindrical tank in millimetres. The ending 0°, 30° or 90° indicates the installation angle of the multivalve.

A further distinctive feature when mounting the Cylindrical tank is the gas-tight housing with which the multivalve is sealed. The housing is homologised together with the multivalve and must always be installed in this constellation. The housing itself has two openings which are connected with a corrugated pipe and are to be led to the outside. If there is a gas leak at the multivalve or at the inlet and outlet pipes, the gas is transported to the outside through the corrugated pipe.

All STEP Cylindrical tanks are tested and certified according to the latest European safety and quality standards (ECE 67R-01).

All STEP LPG tanks are characterized by a particularly robust corrosion and scratch resistant coating. The weld seams are checked in the in-house quality inspection procedure by means of the radiographic inspection for welding defects and cracks.

Mounting instructions for LPG tanks according to ECE 67R-01

Each LPG tank must be fixed to the motor vehicle at permanent fixing points or be fixed by a container framework and tensioning straps.

When the vehicle is ready for operation, the LPG container shall not be less than 200 mm above the road surface. The LPG tank must be installed so that metallic contact occurs only at the permanent fixing points.


Product overview of all Cylindrical tanks
Manufacturer ID Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Volume (l) Homologation
SC200B010 200 390 10 E20 67R-010958
SC200B015 200 560 15 E20 67R-010958
SC200B020 200 730 20 E20 67R-010958
SC200B025 200 900 25 E20 67R-010958
SC200B029 200 1030 29 E20 67R-010958
SC200B030 200 1060 30 E20 67R-010958
SC244B022 244 503 22 E20 67R-010870
SC244B027 244 615 27 E20 67R-010870
SC244B031 244 727 31 E20 67R-010870
SC244B037 244 840 37 E20 67R-010870
SC244B041 244 950 41 E20 67R-010870
SC270B026 270 524 26 E20 67R-010871
SC270B031 270 615 31 E20 67R-010871
SC270B036 270 705 36 E20 67R-010871
SC270B041 270 797 41 E20 67R-010871
SC270B047 270 886 47 E20 67R-010871
SC270B052 270 977 52 E20 67R-010871
SC270B057 270 1069 57 E20 67R-010871
SC300B041 300 648 41 E20 67R-010872
SC300B046 300 708 46 E20 67R-010872
SC300B052 300 768 52 E20 67R-010872
SC300B055 300 850 55 E20 67R-010872
SC300B064 300 960 64 E20 67R-010872
SC300B072 300 1088 72 E20 67R-010872
SC315B032 315 460 32 E20 67R-010873
SC315B035 315 498 35 E20 67R-010873
SC315B041 315 560 41 E20 67R-010873
SC315B046 315 623 46 E20 67R-010873
SC315B050 315 690 50 E20 67R-010873
SC315B055 315 753 55 E20 67R-010873
SC315B061 315 853 61 E20 67R-010873
SC315B069 315 924 69 E20 67R-010873
SC315B080 315 1070 80 E20 67R-010873
SC360B050 360 564 50 E20 67R-010874
SC360B064 360 662 64 E20 67R-010874
SC360B070 360 758 70 E20 67R-010874
SC360B080 360 860 80 E20 67R-010874
SC360B090 360 960 90 E20 67R-010874
SC360B101 360 1060 101 E20 67R-010874
SC360B112 360 1160 112 E20 67R-010874
SC360B122 360 1260 122 E20 67R-010874
SC400B092 400 803 92 E20 67R-010875
SC400B103 400 886 103 E20 67R-010875
SC400B113 400 966 113 E20 67R-010875
SC400B121 400 1049 121 E20 67R-010875
SC400B132 400 1130 132 E20 67R-010875
SC400B142 400 1213 142 E20 67R-010875
Overview of compatible multivalves for Cylindrical tanks
Certified by the Bonfire method.

Manufacturer Model Homologation
Tomasetto Achille AT02 E8 67R-013018
Tomasetto Achille AT.03 – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E8 67R-013037
TARTARINI Auto T.04 E8 67R-013018
TARTARINI Auto CE2000 – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E8 67R-013037
BRC Europa E13 67R-010004
BRC 87/C – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E13 67R-010043
Lovato MV305 E4 67R-0194004
Lovato VB-01 – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E4 67R-0194002
EMER E67-01 E3 67R-0158416
EMER Gasdichtes Gehäuse E3 67R-0158932
CEODEUX E2 67R-0100013
CEODEUX 019905009 – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E13 67R-010003
OMB Saleri B1 E13 67R-010188
OMB Saleri V1 – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E13 67R-010189
Romano E13 67R-0101134
Romano RCS/00 – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E13 67R-010135
ALDESA AL20406 E7 67R-01306321
ALDESA AL40414 – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E7 67R-01306320
BRAVO 2A E37 67R-010126
BRAVO 2A – Gasdichtes Gehäuse
BIGAS MVF20 E8 67R-014561
BIGAS CS20 – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E8 67R-014573
BAYKAN MV E20 67R-010754
BAYKAN SK – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E20 67R-010732
FEMA E37 67R-010047
OLGUNOTO 38.M100 E7 67R-012174-06
NLP A-300 E7 67R-0153110119
NLP A-700 – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E7 67R-0153110120
MIMGAS SGI80 E7 67R-0184223
PLATINCA PL95E E37 67R-010087
PLATINCA Gasdichtes Gehäuse E37 67R-010069
PROMANN L12900U E7 67R-01469511
VIKARS E37 67R-010023
VIKARS Gasdichtes Gehäuse E37 67R-010024
ATIKER SAMANDIRA 01MV E7 67R-011031806
ATIKER Gasdichtes Gehäuse E37 67R-010060
MILANO ED01 E8 67R-013988
MILANO ED02 – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E8 67R-013989
OMB Saleri TYPE K E4 67R-010238
OMB Saleri V2 – Gasdichtes Gehäuse E4 67R-010243

Scope of delivery

  • Tank certificate
  • Delivery in double corrugated cardboard box


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