Lovato EASY FAST Direct Injection 4 Cylinder LPG

The Lovato EASY FAST direct injection system is designed for gasoline direct injection engines from 2 to 4 cylinders. The protection and emulation of the injection valves are the most important aspects of the application and have been developed in consistent laboratory and driving tests to ensure maximum driving pleasure.


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1. Reducer

Device by which the liquefied gas is converted into a gas phase, its pressure being reduced and adjusted.

2. Filter

Filters the gas and has sensors that measure the temperature and pressure of the gas and the manifold.

3. Injection Rail

Injects the correct amount of gas into each cylinder one after the other.

4. Switch

Allows the user to switch between gas and petrol and displays the level of gas in the tank.

5. Electronic Control Unit

Receives signals from various sensors, calculates and supplies the parameters for gas operation.

6. Refuelling connection

Unit through which the LPG tank is filled.

7. LPG Tank

Container for LPG in liquid and gaseous state.

8. Multivalve

Allows gas to flow in and out of the tank, measures the gas level in the tank and is equipped with various safety devices.