OMEGAS Multipoint LPG injection system

Manufacturer: Landi Renzo
Origin: Italy

Product description

OMEGAS Multipoint LPG injection system

The Landi Renzo OMEGAS gas system is the most popular system with major car manufacturers all over the world.

All components have been carefully selected for speed, high precision and resistance to high temperatures and impermeability. This allows the system to pass even the strictest durability tests. High performance and maximum efficiency are guaranteed over time by the OMEGAS system.
With advanced calibration strategies the system is setup to offer utmost accuracy and precision. This enabled a pleasurable experience to drive on any road, in any weather.
OMEGAS LPG system complies with the EURO 6 regulation.
A complete, accurate diagnostics system featuring OBDII connectivity via K and CAN protocols can manage partial running on petrol.
OMEGAS 2 to 4 cylinder version system support a smartphone app, LANDIRENZO CONNECT which comminucates with the gas system’s control unit, providing information on consumption, autonomy, emissions and more.




  • Gas filter replacement (low pressure circuit) and controls of the autogas system (every 20,000 km)
  • Gas injectors overhaul (every 60,000 km)
  • Pressure regulator/reducer maintenance service (every 80,000 km)


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