Landi Renzo OMEGAS 4.0 ECU

Manufacturer: Landi Renzo
Origin: Italy

Product description

Landi Renzo’s OMEGAS 4.0 electronic control unit is designed and built for integration into the new generation of EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO 6 vehicles. It has an aluminium body and allows you to connect it to the on-board diagnostic II (OBDII) of your vehicle to achieve the following.

Petrol correctors

Acquire and monitor petrol correctors during gas operation


Compensate for variability in the quality and composition of gas
Use OMEGAS 4.0 to check the connection of the gasoline injector and perform an operation diagnostic on individual gasoline injectors, as well as to control the partially gasoline-operated operation that guarantees outstanding performance in terms of quality and durability. OMEGAS 4.0 is Connect Ready (compatible with Landi Renzo Connect). The PIN outputs allow the ECU to manage and control external electronic devices.


  • OBD II Vehicle CAN
  • Scan Tool integrated in the SW as a support to the calibration
  • External relay Command exclusion petrol pump
  • Variator external advance Command
  • Reading also RPM signals from wheel sensors phonic effeto lobby
  • Calibration card contributes to the passage of gasoline and gas fuel
  • Connect ready


  • E3 67R-006043
  • E3 110R-006070
  • E3 10R-036385


Gas type and number of cylinders LPG, CNG – 2÷4 CIL
Case Metallic
Supply voltage 10 ÷ 16 V
Max current with actuators off ≤ 0.5 A
Standby max current ≤ 50 μa
Driver injectors 4
Solenoid valves output 2
Maximum current (for single output) 2 A
Flash memory 128 kb
Processor speed 50 MHz
Weight 196 g
Dimensions 134x152x36 mm
Working temperature -40°C ÷ 110°C
Class IP IP6K9K
Ecu connector 48 PIN


  • Current control Inj Gas Driver (new ST drivers)
  • Buffered MAP (original signal reading)
  • Low standby current (Iq < 50μA)
  • CAN OBD connection
  • Fast/Slow trimmer reading
  • Auto-adaptive Strategy
  • Showing of main scan tool parameters
  • OBD error reset (complete or selective)
Level Sensor
  • Management of level sensor AEB/LR/0-90 ohm
  • Management of level sensor Cartesio
  • Management of custom level sensor
  • Refuelling detection
  • Gas level
  • Gas injectors
  • Injectors flow correction
  • Sensor and switch
  • Gas injectors enable/disable
  • Real time diagnosis on petrol injectors connection
  • Lambda probe reading
  • Linear lambda probe UEGO emulation
  • Lambda probe emulation
  • RPM Negative Coil
  • RPM reading from Hall sensor
  • RPM weak signal
  • Inj. Time (MAP)
  • Serial USB
  • Serial wireless
  • App connect
Temperature sensors
  • Management of water temperature sensor
  • Management of gas temperature sensor
Temperature sensors
  • Management of Gas pressure sensor
  • Management of MAP sensor
  • Management of system without MAP sensor
Gas strategies
  • Autotuning
  • 12×12 gas map
  • Switch Led dimmer
  • Switch Buzzer Volume setting
  • Changing GAS injections sequences
  • Antistall
  • Pre heating Gas Injectors
  • Flex fuel
  • Extra injection management
Petrol Strategies on Gas
  • Split fuel option
  • Automatic Petrol addition
  • Gas Inj. Time > Cycle Time
  • Petrol addition Full Map
  • Petrol addition with sequence advance activated
  • Petrol addition high RPM & high T_INJ
Switch to gas
  • Smooth Change Over petrol to gas (Custom transition between cylinders)
  • Smooth Progressive Switching to gas: Change Over / Cut Off / Idle to Petrol / Other
  • Switch to Gas on water temperature
  • Switch to Gas on gas temperature
  • Progressive standard Change Over petrol to gas
  • No switch (Button disabled)
Switch to Petrol
  • Switch to petrol at High RPM & High T_Inj
  • Switch to petrol at IDLE
  • Start & stop
  • Valvetronick vehicle management
  • Pressure gas work setting
  • Input for the level of oil dispensing systems (alternative to the Gas level sensor)



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