Landi Renzo LI10 Reducer

Manufacturer: Landi Renzo
Origin: Italy

Product description

The Landi Renzo LI10 Reducer is a product of Landi Renzos long experience in working with the largest car manufacturers in the world, tested and validated according to strict criteria.

A product of Landi Renzo’s experience in working with the world’s largest car manufacturers, tested and validated with strict criteria. The Landi Renzo LI-10 is a single stage pressure regulator with safety valve. Its compact design is characterized by a closed-loop solenoid valve integrated with an exchangeable filter at the gas supply. It is combined with a high flow rate and great flexibility for use on new-generation Twinair and MultiAir naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines with an output of up to 140 kW (LI10) / 180 kW (LI10M) in cold climates and up to 160 kW (LI10) / 200 kW (LI10M) in moderate climates.



160 kW version

without solenoid valve


160 kW version

with solenoid valve inlet tube Ø 6 mm


200 kW version

with solenoid valve inlet tube Ø 8 mm


  1. Gas inlet connector
  2. Gas solenoid valve
  3. Gas outlet connector
  4. Fixing points reducer
  5. Compensation fitting (MAP)
  6. Cooland inlet/outlet
  7. Overpressure Connection
  8. Pressure regulation


  • E13 67R-010056
  • E3 10R-036344


Type Single-stage membrane
Dimension 183x168x90 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Operation nominal flow 40 kg/h
Operating temperature -20 ÷ 120 °C
Safety valve calibration pressure relative 4 bar
Work pressure relative 0.95 bar (LI10) / 1.2 bar (LI10M)
EV electric coil features 12 V – 11 W
Supply voltage Nominal 12 V (8 ÷ 16 V) (The connector can be of different types according to the pressure regulator model)
Gas inlet connector Ø6 mm – M10x1 mm / Ø8 mm – M12x1 mm
Gas outlet connector Ø 14 mm
Coolant hose fittings Ø 16 mm (fittings may be of different diameter according to the gearbox model)
Connectors vacuum / pressure Ø 5 mm



  • Control of the pressure regulator pressure at 20,000 km
  • Revision of the pressure regulator (replacement of membranes and gaskets) at 80,000 km
  • Gas filter (liquid phase) at 80,000 km


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