Landi Renzo EVO OBD

Manufacturer: Landi Renzo
Origin: Italy

Product description

The control unit Landi Renzo EVO OBD summarizes the concept of essential quality.

The control unit Landi Renzo EVO OBD summarizes the concept of essential quality. The strengths of the new ECU lie in the reliability and precision of the self-calibration functions, which allow the vehicle calibration to be carried out quickly and correctly without compromising the potential to adapt the extended calibration map and integrate it into petrol if necessary.
EVO OBD can also be used to diagnose the connection of the fuel injector and the function of individual gas injectors with an OBDII (On Board Diagnostic II) connection to the fuel control unit. EVO OBD is Connect Ready (compatible with Landi Renzo Connect).


  • E3 10R-036385
  • E3 67R-6043
  • E3 110R-006070


Gas type and number of cylinders LPG, CNG – 2/4 cylinders
Case Technopolymer
Supply voltage 10/16 V
Max current with valves off ≤ 0.5 A
Standby max current ≤ 50 μA
Driver injectors 4
Solenoid valves output 2
Maximum current (for single output) 2 A
Flash memory 128 kB
Processor speed 25 MHz
Weight 196 g
Dimension 134x152x36 mm
Working temperature -40°C / 110°C
Class IP IP54
ECU connector 48 PIN



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