DREHMEISTER Screw-in Nozzle for Intake Manifold

Injection Nozzle, Spray Nozzle, Manifold Nozzle, Gas Manifold Nozzle

The DREHMEISTER screw-in nozzle is screwed into the intake manifold and serves as a fixed supply nipple. It is connected to the outlet of the autogas injector by a 5mm gas hose and reliably directs the injected gas into the intake manifold. For a secure fastening between the screw-in nozzle and the gas inlet manifold, the use of a thread sealant is recommended.

Inner diameter 3.5 mm
Length 26 mm
Connection thread M6

Compatible with all injectors


Hexagon socket (3.5mm) enables perfect handling and easy assembly


Compatible with LPG/CNG gas hose with 5mm inner diameter

Technical data