DREHMEISTER T-screw fitting for thermoplastic hose with ID 1/4″ (8/8/8mm autogas hose)

Thermoplastic hose, flexible hose, flexible gas hose, flexible LPG hose, flexible autogas hose, T-piece, T-connector, T-splitter

The DREHMEISTER T-screw fitting is characterised by a particularly compact design and thus enables safe installation in confined spaces (e.g. in the engine compartment of a vehicle).

The T-screw fitting can be used as a splitter or connecting piece for thermoplastic hoses.

A specific application from the automotive autogas sector is the distribution of the autogas from the tank to two autogas reducers (pressure regulators).

The thermoplastic pipe is fixed with a cutting ring and an M16x1 coupling nut on the hose nozzle side.

Due to precise manufacturing accuracy, DREHMEISTER hose nozzles ensure a high level of tightness.

Connection thread



Inner diameter

4.6 mm

Note: Thermoplastic cable with 1/4″ inner diameter is referred to as “8mm cable” in technical terminology.

DREHMEISTER T-screw fittings are compatible with the thermoplastic hoses available on the market.

Technical data

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