DREHMEISTER Screw-In Fitting (Coupling) for ID 3/16″ Thermoplastic Hose (6mm Autogas Flexible Hose)

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With its compact design, the DREHMEISTER hose coupling for thermoplastic hoses enables safe and space-saving installation. It can be used to adapt or extend thermoplastic hoses with 3/16" inner diameter (6mm autogas flexible hose). The coupling has a hexagonal shape in the middle and can be fixed with a wrench or pliers to tighten the coupling nut on both sides.

The thermoplastic hose is fixed with a cutting ring and an M14x1 coupling nut on the hose nozzle sides.

Due to precise manufacturing accuracy, DREHMEISTER hose nozzles ensure a high level of tightness.


Total Length

50.6 mm


Inner Diameter

3.3 mm


  • Hexagonal shape for better mounting
  • M14x1 connection thread on both sides
  • Compatible with 3/16″ thermoplastic hose or 6mm autogas flexible hose

Note: Thermoplastic hose with 3/16″ inner diameter is referred to as “6mm hose” in technical terminology.

DREHMEISTER screw-in fittings or hose couplings are compatible with the thermoplastic hoses available on the market.

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