Xtreme® Coolers

Manufacturer: Coleman
Origin: USA

Product description

Coleman Xtreme® coolers keep food, drinks, and even ice cool or frozen up to 5 days. This quality, which is almost unique in the leisure sector, is achieved by polyurethane full foam insulation. This achieves a 30% higher insulating performance than conventionally used materials.

Two integrated, rounded feet provide optimum space for the air flow between the floor and the cooler. This prevents a direct transfer of ground heat to the cooler. Additional UV protection, integrated into the housing and lid, protects Xtreme® coolers from cracks and prevents the cooler from yellowing.

The inner and outer cladding offers a robust and easy to clean surface. In addition, Xtreme® coolers from Coleman score points in terms of functionality. The top can be used as a table or shelf. There are also up to four cup holders integrated into the lid.

Coleman Xtreme® coolers are an attractive, flexible, suitable and resource-saving alternative for thermoelectric coolers.

All the Coleman Xtreme® coolers are manufactured in the USA.


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