CAMPKO STEEL Camper Propane Tanks

Camper propane tanks (also called rv propane tanks or vapour gas tanks) are available as ring tanks or cylinder tanks. Depending on the vehicle-specific installation situation, CAMPKO gas tanks are mainly installed under the floor of motorhomes, i.e. under the vehicle. Under the motorhome they are space-saving and securely connected to the bodywork via special gas tank fasteners. In the case of underfloor installation, the correct installation position of the tank must be taken into account in order to counteract liquid extraction of the gas.

There are four small openings on the welded-on steel plate of the gas tank. A Withdrawal valve, a pressure relief valve or safety valve, an 80% fill stop valve and the gas level indicator with float are then inserted into the openings. An attached valve box protects the valves from dirt and slight mechanical damage.

Refuelling with gas can be carried out directly via a direct refuelling adapter on the gas tank. Likewise, the connection of a remote indicator for installation in the vehicle interior is possible at any time. The connection of an external refuelling to the body of the camper is optionally possible with every CAMPKO gas tank.

CAMPKO gas tanks are available in many sizes and different designs to offer the right solution for every camper.

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