Refillable Gas Bottles made of Composite Material

The CAMPKO composite refillable gas bottle is offered in two different valve versions, OPD valve and multivalve. Both valves have an 80% fill stop function that protects against overfilling.

The multivalve version also has a mechanical gas level indicator and two separate connections for gas refueling and gas withdrawal. The composite refillable gas bottle is the lightest gas bottle by weight, but does not offer a removable bottle collar. It is commonly used for recreational or CamperGas applications as a portable cylinder. The multivalve version of the CAMPKO composite is also suitable for fixed installation in some cases, especially when a low empty weight of the refillable gas bottle is crucial. When mounting the composite gas cylinder, the installer must take care not to damage the outer skin or casing of the gas cylinder.

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  • 80% fill stop safety valve (OPD valve and multivalves version)
  • Filling and withdrawal via separate connections (for MV version)
  • 2-bottle solution possible (MV version)
  • Level indicator on valve (MV version)
  • available in 12,7L, 18,2L and 24,5L
  • CE approval

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