The freely configurable A.E.B. MP48 Set is the further development of the established AEB2001N system. It is suitable for all 3-4 cylinder engines with sequential injection. The compactly designed control unit is easy to install even where space is limited. During operation the control unit measures the injection times as well as the gas pressure and calculates the optimal dosing time and quantity.

The A.E.B. MP48 control unit is equipped with an integrated diagnostic system. This monitors the functionality and status of the other gas components, both during installation and operation. The results can be called up conveniently and clearly via the calibration software. This prevents malfunctions and facilitates troubleshooting and correction.

The calibration tool provides instructions to simplify system installation and setup.

You can download the installation instructions free of charge.

You can download the software for free.


  • freely configurable
  • Diagnosis of the other gas components
  • Measurement of injection times in real time
  • waterproof 48 pin wiring harness
  • compact design

Scope of Delivery

  • A.E.B. MP48 control unit 3-4 cylinders
  • A.E.B. MP48 wiring harness 3-4 cylinders
  • A.E.B. MP01 MAP sensor
  • A.E.B. Switch
  • Small parts bag

Technical Data

Plug connection IP (6K9K) incl. water protection and lever system
Supply voltage Vbatt=10 / 16V
Operating temperature -40 / 110 °C
Current consumption with locked drives Imax = 0,5 A
Power consumption in standby mode Istandby = 5 µA
Up to 4 gas injectors with the following features Imax = 6
Vbatt, max = 16 V
2 power outputs for gas solenoid valves
Power and maximum current for each output with two activated outputs Pmax = 25 W
Lmax = 2 A
Power and maximum current with only one output Pmax = 50 W
Lmax = 4 A


PT MAP-Sensor 463059000 (Ø10)
463500000 (Ø12)
463505000 (Ø14)
MAP-Sensor Original sensor of the vehicle
Gas temperature sensor A.E.B. sensor (4.7 kOhm – included in PT MAP sensor)
Sensor (2.2 kOhm)
Water temperature sensor 4K7 (Original sensor)
Level sensor A.E.B. Level sensor
A.E.B. Linear (Cartesio)
0 – 90 Ohm standard sensor (not standard inverted)
Lambda sensor 0 – 1 V
0 – 5 V
5 – 0 V
0.8 – 1.6 V
UEGO (linear sensor in current)
Switch AEB119B