Tomasetto Achille

Tomasetto Achille: leader in quality mechanical components for LPG and CNG systems.

Tomasetto Achille company is known as a leader in designing and manufacturing quality mechanical components for automotive LPG and CNG systems for more than 30 years. Their worldwide success is owed to the high quality and reliability of the products, the good flexibility in replying to market changes, as well as for the efficiency in providing service to the customer.

For more than 30 years the company guidelines has always been directed towards continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, high flexibility and investments in technologies. Tomasetto Achille Spa mission is providing the best ratio between quality and price for LPG and CNG mechanical components, while giving the best service to the customers.

The experience gained in the past has proved that the company is always able to cater to the requests of their customers and cope with the future challenges of the international markets with the development of new and reliable products and innovative technologies.

HybridSupply is an authorized and official distributor of Tomasetto LPG & CNG Components.